Studio "L.A Recordings H.S." is based in 2002 y.

It cooperates with other international studios & record labels.

It basic musical styles are: dance music, electronic music, trance, club, house, rap, hip-hop and pop.

With the help of our “special sound” we created our style of arrangements - House, Dance, & RnB styles.

Studio also works on creation of different singers special musical style and image because of its exclusive instrumentation.

Studio cooperates with different composers who create exclusive and hit compositions for artists.

A lot of exclusive remixes are created in our studio.

Studio is occupied with mastering, which turn the tracks powerful and qualified.

We also works on creation of melodies, jingles, opens for Tv & radio.

A lot of soundtracks for films and musicles are created in our studio.

" L.A Recordings H.S." - Let your music be beatiful!

Levon Atayan - Manager of L.A Recordings H.S.

Levon Atayan has more than 10 years of experience as a musician & songwriter. From 2001 year, he is working as studio engineer also. Levon has released 10 album and singles of his tracks.

Levon Atayan's remixes and tracks “A Piece Of Sky”, “Kochary”, “Kavkazski Alfavit” (Russia), "Silence", “Kirkorov MazzDie”, “Aram Zam Zam”, “Dj Badrjan”, etc.) are well-known for music lovers.

He has written tracks & remixes for Razmer Project (Russia), Tutsi (Russia), Katusha (Russia), Dj Noya (Russia), Arm-N (Armenia), Rippi (Armenia), Dj Karlz (France), Maski (Germany), Jackie (USA), Mark G. Ryan (USA), Project N (Armenia), Dj Noya (Russia), etc.

He's worked with russian and european dj's, musician's, singers & producers.

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